snow damage

Oh boy did it snow or what! We were on Vigilence Orange …  the heavens opened around 1 p.m.- almost a white out the whole afternoon.

At 10 p.m. the electricity went off even though it was still snowing I ventured outside with the dogs – the snow was 22 cm’s & above the top of my wellies – no street lights so it was plain that it wasn’t a fault with us, the whole village was out. The dogs loved it, even though it was dark the snow gave off it’s own light, they gamboled and frolicked like kids – I checked the bigger animals and saw that the tree chickens were holding on like grim death up their tree even though it was still snowing. Called the dogs and went in… just as I was taking my coat off an almighty crack and collapse noise – but as I couldn’t see anything went on up to bed.

This morning we found what the noise was… our main hangar has virtually collapsed – the weight of the snow has shattered the main beam. Props have been put in but as the builder declared this morning – c’est mort.

Electricity off, also it being a Sunday we were unable to call builders, insurance men, anybody, executive decision made, find somewhere to eat, so we got in the Land Rover and went down to the nearest town and found a restaurant open & had lunch (not a particularly good one but food was hot). I say went as if it was the easiest thing in the world… ha, abandoned cars at the side of the road, cars in ditches, roads almost impassable… quite the pioneer spirit was required!

Eventually electricity supply resumed at 18.00 hrs – bit disappointed in way as our house which is over 400 years old somehow looks right in candle light!

Forecast to freeze tonight – so tomorrow will bring a new set of problems as today was above freezing and the snow was well on its way of becoming incredibly deep, wet and slushy – I’ve seen on face book that the local schools are already declared as closed.

Madge & Mr Willerby

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