hard work

It’s getting hard work walking today! The snow started to melt and has frozen again – I’ve fallen the once so far in the garden!

The goats, especially Samba, are getting a bit fed up – Samba stood for a long time with her head tilted looking at me with on hoof raised – I got quite worried but then she changed hoofs & did the same with the other one!

Got a fright with the Llama today – when I went up with his tucker – he’s carefully pooed all round the gate for me to walk through, (nice) but there were specks of blood all in the snow, fortunately the detective in me made me look further around – lots of splatters… some of the cockerels have been fighting and one of the boys is slightly worse off… the can bleed quite a bit from their crops. So after further investigation discovered the new boy I just acquired has had a pasting… so may be coq au vin on the menu soon as the new one I want to breed from he’s completely splendid – furry feathers!

The builder came to look at the collapsed barn this afternoon, it’s sagged even more now so he’s put some extra accro props up – I’m resigned it will fall down before it is taken down… but we can’t do anything until the expert form the insurance company comes and we get a devis (quote), so it’s just tippie toe around at the moment. But the news has got around now – we are small fry – La Haye du Puits 10 miles up the road had 50 cms to our 22 cms, major roofs have come down to include a citroen garage which has lost all the cars, a garage for the school buses, ambulance station, sadly for the farmers involved quite a few animal barns with cows inside, quite a few have been killed. Our next door neighbour who is slightly eccentric is now out in the dark getting all the snow down off his sheds and even the house!

We went to the market today to try and get carrots for the animals – our usual man hadn’t got there, in fact out of 350+ stalls there was only 6… normally a sack of carrots is 3,50€ today it’s gone up to 5€ !

I love this photo in today’s paper… we used to live half a mile from where this was taken… it’s normally a very busy road! But shows the practicality of the Normans…

Totally practical Norman Farmer in the snow!


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2 responses to “hard work

  1. how are the outdoor animals eating and sleeping in your weather? I didn’t realise that Normandy had snow, is this a rare occurence?

    • I feed them… they all have huts, shelters and barns – lots of straw and lots of hay… hard work for me!

      Very rare for us to have snow – Europe is gripped in the worst weather for 50 years – it is very similar to 1962 – 63.

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