Message in a bottle and slushy snow!

It’s really such hard work getting up to the animals now… the snow is slushy yet lethal underfoot, so when you are trying to balance with a full watering can in one hand and food in the other with an lumpy ice rink under your feet it makes an interesting task!

The pigs have lost weight… I’m not too worried as they were actually too fat so I was reliably informed by someone that knows everything about Kune Kunes… the goats are fed up & the LLama is totally pissed off… he’s creating wee patterns in the snow and somehow challenging himself to how close he can poo to the gate I come through…I’m wondering if he is actually aiming at the gate now! When this snow all goes we will continue the search for a Mrs Llama for him… he is lonely.

When I went up the garden the other morning I found a heap of feathers on the snow

feathers in the snow

… it’s a vixen I’m sure has been and helped herself… of course she’d never take one of the ‘same’ cockerels … oh no she searches out the best looking girls and helps herself! This time it was a black silkie I was eying up to breed from. Foxes have a huge territory and move miles very quickly, they seem to hang around for perhaps a week and then melt away again… they actually attack during the day and just take the one bird, almost like a cat stalking… perhaps take 3 over a period of a week and then go – this is with my free range chickens. I think what happens if they get in a coop the birds make such a kerfufle it becomes a frenzy and that is why so many are killed in a confined space. The chickens make enough noise when one of them lays an egg – god knows what it would be like if a fox got in! It actually is quite amazing to watch them when a buzzard comes close – it’s almost like a combined oooeerrrr and they dash under the hedges, bushes, indoors, I liken it to skirts lifted and the little old matrons run!!… I’ve learnt now if I want them in to lock up for the night, to lift my arms and give a high pitched mew sound like the buzzard and they go in like good ‘uns!

Today we went for a walk on Utah Beach –  to get away from snow so the dogs could have a decent run and to check out the house on the beach, which was fine. The tide was turning so we were the first along the tide line… Mike said oh look a message in a bottle… it was! Turned out to be a family from Hertfordshire were in Brighton on New Years Day and thought it fun to see what happened… we’ve contacted them and between us have decided to add to their letter and send the message on to see if anyone else finds it… a chain message in a bottle… wouldn’t it be great it it gets into the gulf stream and turns up somewhere really exotic!

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