Lamb Chops

It only takes a split second to change your life… in this instance it was a phone call late last night… “oh Tansy I’m desperate the lambing started early & we’re booked to go to England at the weekend to move house and a ewe has had twins she’s rejected one… could you help me out if it is still alive in the morning?”…. Oh no problem I say… phone rings before we are even out our beds… it’s made it I’m bringing it round! So here we have little lamb in residence in the house… by the fire or by the Aga… where else? She arrived cold from the car journey, what else could I do except put a dog’s jumper on her and get to heat as quick as possible.

Everyone else has gone up to bed… I’m down stairs waiting to give her her final feed for the night.

She’s quite sweet… when she is hungry comes up and head buts me… already has worked it out I’m the food lady! The dogs are intrigued and in actual fact very good with her, the cats didn’t get their heads round her at first … however interestingly enough when I spilt some of her formula on the floor by accident,(didn’t have the teat on the coca cola bottle properly!) they all tasted a bit – then they seemed to accept her as a baby and calmed down.

We’ve called her Clarie Chops… one of my Facebook friends is writing a children’s book about a little lamb called Clarie in the memory of a dear friend who died not long ago, the book is dedicated to this lady – the author told me the reason,

Warming by the Age with Madge supervising

1st feed

The Jacks want to know what's going on!

The puppy & the lamb getting to know each other

so Clarie it is and the Chops bit comes from Mike!! It turns out that me taking on the lamb has helped her clarify the colour of the lamb and the storyline… all in all it’s a great day, saved a lamb and helped a story! Here’s me getting all hot under the collar earlier because the house needs a big clean and tidy up… the puppy and the lamb keep piddling – just mopping up wee and keeping everyone fed is a full time occupation… does it matter if the house looks a mess?… I think I’d rather have an untidy house and happy healthy animals!

I believe you can train them like a little dog… I’ve heard stories about pet sheep head butting doors open to get to the fireside!. When she is weaned we will let her live her life with the Llamas or the goats.

Talking of Llamas we may have found a mate for Fernando – a 6 month old girl for sale not too far away – we’re off to see her on Saturday… hopefully this will be a good solution for him. We had an animal communicator stay in one our gites over the New Year… she said he told her he doesn’t want to be loved, he doesn’t trust anyone because of his treatment 2 owners ago… he is rather aloof with us at times… only time he seems to like us is when we take him for a walk!

Darcy the Search & Rescue dog has been here in the cottage for a week… her holidays from quarantine. She went out to the Sumatra earthquake and even though she has all the injections & blood test results for rabies she had to go into quarantine for 6 months on her return…it’s mad as she can come to France and put on displays etc for the French Firebrigade have a ball on Utah Beach and the surrounding area, then on Friday as soon as she gets to Le Shuttle she is effectively back in quarantine again. 2 of her mates went out to Haiti, now returned and for their efforts are starting 6 months quarantine… just doesn’t make sense.

Darcy on Utah Beach

Urenee went home to her mum on Sunday, H was let out of hospital in St Lo, her 2 daughters took her back to Paris to continue hospital treatment for another week and then a further 2/3 weeks in a convalescence home… so poor Urenne is without her mum for quite some time, but she is with a busy family and their lovely big gentle black Labrador.


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2 responses to “Lamb Chops

  1. Well done with the lamb Mrs Softy.
    How can we follow the lamb story on fb?
    Just back from France. There looks to be a lonely Lama in a field to the right, just after you cross the N13 towards Trevieres, coming FROM Omaha Beach.

    • Sorry one is quite enough!! We now have 2 Jacks & lamb that bounces as if on pogo sticks charging round the house!! If you put in search box on FB Ferme de l’Eglise you should find us OK…

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