Yep – you’ve guessed another creature coming to join us! Esmeralda a 7 month Llama who hopefully will be a good chum for Fernando.

Quite a bit of work to be done in readiness for her – the stable to be cleaned out & jet washed – all the building materials left in the small field in readiness for the next project has to be moved as well… Esmeralda has got to be able to see Fernando and they must be able to press noses without being in the same field for 15 days. We get her Wednesday afternoon. I hope my friend Fanny in the Haras will help us with transport – if not we’ll have to hire a horsebox.

The lamb Clarie Chops is doing really well – I was a bit anxious at first because I didn’t really know what I was doing – but we seem to have got in a routine. She’s funny in the mornings as she doesn’t want her bottle for a good 15 – 20 minutes from me letting her out of her cage, getting her pyjamas off (yes I put a woolly pullover on her a night… even though she is near the fire place… just in case!), she loves to have a little bounce around and say hello to all the other animals in the house… only then will she take her 1st feed! Big problem is she has found my office which is a laminate floor with a rug on it, I think she likes the texture of the rug and the noise of the wood… but peeing on the rug isn’t so good!

I have instructions in French for her feeding but I’m not sure if I am reading them correctly as I think it says from her 2nd week we need to give her access to hay & solid lamb food as well as bottle feeding – yet another lady told me they aren’t weaned for 6 – 12 weeks… I’ll have to get a someone who knows what they are doing to help me now! I’m sure Fanny will ask her Father in law’s brother who breeds sheep for me… her father in law breeds horses.

We have in the village here a Chateau – Haras du Vivier – they have 120 odd horses plus 400 head of cattle. Etienne runs it all here & his wife is Fanny who has become a very dear friend of mine. This weekend they are at the big Prix du Americane racing in Paris … last time they went the boss who owns it all Etienne’s step father invited the American Ambassador for France for coffee – he came!… now that was a hoot seeing secret service running up & down our little village!

Last week we had Helen & John staying in the cottage with their dog Darcy the search & rescue dog that went to Sumatra earthquake & then got banged up for 6 months quarantine. The 2 dogs just back from Haiti are now in quarantine. It’s a really crazy law as they’ve got their passports and the anti bodies are checked for rabies. Helen posted their holiday snaps on Face Book yesterday – take a look – I shared them on our Face Page Ferme de l’Eglise – Mike took a few of them but they too took some great ones… these are Mikes on here of Darcy on Utah Beach.

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  1. can’t wait for photos of Esmerelda and looking forward to lamb updates

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