Instant love… or is it pure lust?

What an eventful couple of days we’ve had! The breeder where we bought Esmeralda the girl Llama were quite positive about it being OK to put the 2 together after 15 days in separate fields, they must be able to see each other.

So a huge amount of work on our part to clear out a stable, move all the chickens (that involved posting them into their new roost for 2 successive nights until they got the message… 36 plus of them was quite tiring work!), clear up from a big building project, plus clear up 2 trees that had come down in storm, all this to accommodate Mademoiselle Esmeralda.

She arrives… we hired a van from Super U to transport her – good as gold she just hunkered down in the back on the straw we put down for her, backed the van up to the stable door and popped her in. Fernando was watching… his expression was amazing… he did a double take, but wasn’t really sure what he saw.

Next morning we let her out into her field, Fernando was way up the top of his field, he turned his head mid chew and then he saw her… head snapped round and he galloped the length of the field making his distinctive blah blah blah call – he could not believe his eyes… little Miss Esme skittles up to the fence turns her pretty little ass towards him, lifts her big fluffy tails like it was a can-can skirt with her head tilted over her shoulder batting her incredibly long eyelashes… poor boy nearly exploded. So much for his previous owner telling us he was useless with lady Llamas, he didn’t know what to do, he was gay… oh no this Llama Fernando is a boy through and through!

The little minx whilst my back was turned even managed to open the gate and got in with him, ever pulled a fully grown Llama in full throws of passion off a female… we did – it was no mean feat!

She’s only 7 months old – really should not be mated until she is at least 1. So we may be having a few interesting months ahead of us, we’ve had to errect double barriers of electric fencing…

Clarie Chops is now in the stable with Miss Esme – they seem to have bonded well in there which is a huge relief as it wasn’t possible to keep the lamb any longer in the house – she just peed everywhere. But it’s hard hearing her cry when I leave her and when she spots me that nursery rhyme springs to my mind, Mary had a little lamb… it is so accurate… everywhere that Tansy goes that lamb is sure to go!

I breathed a sigh of relief for a few hours today – I managed to get in the house without her making it through the door, she was running up and down crying at all the doors and windows & then it went quiet… I thought great, she’s gone back up to the animals – came to bottle time I went out & couldn’t find her anywhere – I was really starting to panic, even checked the field of sheep next to us (Clarie has a jumper on so easy to spot), she wasn’t there, checked the pond and the ditches, came running back down towards the house calling her when I heard a little bleat… found her in the wood store, my husband had repaired a tap in the house the other day so had turned the stop cock off – he hadn’t replaced the slab back on the manhole… she’d only fallen in… she’s fine, there was no water or anything in it and it’s not that deep – but poor little thing did look a bit bemused!

Today the sun was shining, I was out with the animals getting everyone fed and organised for the day, the chickens in their new coop, the feed store all working properly now, the place all tidied up, the tractor arrived with a round of straw for bedding, the chap delivering the straw, got down from the tractor and walked around asking questions, could he buy eggs from me, asking about the Llamas and generally admiring everything, now he works for the Chateau in the village which is really very pretty, they breed and race Trotting Horses and have 400 head of cattle and 000’s of hectares, we have 2 hectares, 2 Llamas, 2 pigs, 2 goats, loads of chickens and a goose… mustn’t forget the lamb! I was really quite touched that he was so interested … mind you we are convinced the French round here think we are completely potty!

After he left I came in the house, the door through to the lounge was open, the sun hit the stonewall

woolly jumper for the snow

& the glass on bookcase, everything looked really great – it was just one of those perfect moments – I actually stood still for a moment and thought, yep we’re just about there… 6 years we’ve been working on this house, just one or 2 more projects to tweak it.


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5 responses to “Instant love… or is it pure lust?

  1. Hey Tansy! your blog is so well written and descriptive, I really enjoy reading it! thank you!

  2. oh my god, what a great life you have. The poor lamb looks so forlorn. I hope Claire adjusts well.

  3. Hi, I am not sure who has been giving you advice re your llamas, but your female llama should not really be put to a male untill she is at the very least between 2 and 3 years old. Many breeders advocate 3 years as a minimum but if she is a large and well built female then she may get away with being bred at 2 years of age as a minimum. If she is bred before this age (i.e 1 year old) there is a serious risk that she could suffer internal damage during the pregancy as she is still a todler in llama terms (they only really mature at approx 5 years of age).

    Female llamas will flirt outrageously with male from the age of 6 months and a good stud male will mate with any female who will have him (normal male behaviour!!!).

    They are both lovelt looking llamas by the way.

    Kind Regards, Mike Longhurst

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to comment… we have since double double & triple checked… we were given horrendous advice by the guy who bred her – fortunately we realised as soon as Fernando (intact male) saw her we had dropped a huge b___ock! You’ll see on my last post ‘the vet is here’ – we’ve had him castrated… he’s doing good and in 6 weeks or so we hope they will share a field nicely – if not we’ll keep them as they are – see each other and maybe get a pregnant Llama to join us at a later date… we’ve found a Llama expert only 15 miles away… he has a pathway to his door!

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