the vet is here…

As I type the vet is doing the deed to Fernando – my heart is in my mouth as the vet we DIDN’T want turned up with the dippy girl we don’t like either… so I’m hiding down here and Mike is being the brave man at the stable. This is a classic of large practices… the vet we were expecting is somewhere else so they send who is free.

Still when this castration is done we hopefully will be over this run of needing vets!!

Clarie Chops the little lamb is 5 weeks old tomorrow. I am so thrilled she is still with us – I really gave up at one time – the visit to the vet seemed to pull her round but then she went right off her feed and wouldn’t take anything I really started to panic after a couple of days like this. Angloinfo the forum for expats came to the rescue though – I posted to see if anyone had any ideas about a poorly lamb… someone came up with the idea that we should check the powdered milk… we went back to the store and they changed the bucket no real quibbles, made her up fresh batch & she took it! We’ve had a few days where she hasn’t been completely good but today her energy levels seem up and she’s bouncing around in the paddock… so good to have my little shadow back!

The folk that gave her to us are back from skiing so rang in today – that has helped reassure me as in the field next to ours are sheep- ewe’s lambing, the lambs born after Clarie are twice the size but apparently that is quite normal for bottle fed – they are smaller sheep! But the mortality rate is enormous – 45% don’t make it so if we pull Clarie Chops through I will be very proud!

Tea has been part of her recovery… the tanin in the tea we were giving her cleared her out plus the caffine gave her a kick… my French friends were despairing of me – Fanny at one stage said ‘but Tansy she is an animal, not a person to take tea! You English have tea for everything” I explained my cousin told me this trick… he’s a vet & Paul who gave me the sheep also told me about it today so was quite blown away when I told him another tip, pour a pot of tea into hay every now and then to help clear anything out that may not be agreeing with your sheep or goats… the problem is they cannot be sick and cannot fart… so they can only blow up gas wise or pass it as diarrhea – enough of internal working of sheep!

Hillary otherwise known as The Hungry Duchess has a blog and now writes for a cookery blog, she’s English but had lived in LA for years … she basically stocks her clients fridges up with delicious food for the week… I got thinking about this concept and thought why don’t I do it for us… so yesterday I started with red pepper and sweet potato soup, roasted celariac soup, fish pies and Chicken a la creme. Oh the joy now of not worrying about what we will have for lunch or dinner… the freedom and I enjoyed my big cook in!

The vet has gone – I’ll go up and check on the boy… no doubt he will be feeling sorry for himself, he is to stay indoors for 2 days and then in 6 weeks time the 2 of them can share the field… oh won’t that be a great day as all they want is to be together.

Just looked out of the window & saw Clarie Chops & Esme as if both on pogo sticks – the 2 of them bouncing round the paddock… what a lovely sight – will try to get Mike to capture a picture of them tomorrow. I wonder does Clarie think she is a Llama or Esme think she is a lamb?…

Photos of us taking a walk on Saturday before the big storm hit France… the marais in full flood as normal for this time of year.

Parked up at Iron Mike's memorial near Ste Mere Eglise

all aboard


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3 responses to “the vet is here…

  1. What is your recipe for roasted celeriac soup? Sounds delicious!!

    • Take one large celariac peel & cube it, with sea salt & pepper, olive oil & a good chunk of butter (you can veg oil whatever here but we’re Normandy & I love butter!) bung it in the (my case Aga), oven and roast – I throw in a few other root veggies in to roast with the celeriac – certainly a few onions & spuds… when cooked before getting browned & too hard on outside transfer to big pot with all the juices, add your hot stock (chicken the best), & few bay leaves + further seasoning simmer – liquidise once liquid level has dropped so has intensified the taste et voila

      • BTW I cook baby new potatoes as chips in the aga in tiniest amount of veg oil – just a coating of oil a sprinkle of salt… cut some celeriac in to same shapes & you have oven chips – 2 different flavours absolutely delicious!

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