Egg speed trials, wild seas and wet through!

I had to stand and laugh this morning whilst opening up the creatures, I had a sneaking suspicion that Goosey Goose was laying again as she’s taken to having a bath in the pond every day plus messes me about when it is time for bed in the evenings. This is our third year of having her, she only lays for 5 – 6 months and then goes off lay again. When I opened the door of the coop she was 1st out and made a flat footed gallop to the stable door where Clarie & Esme live, but because the door hadn’t been opened up yet she had a hissy fit outside it, flat feet slapping and honking top honk! … I opened the door and sure enough she hurtled in behind the big straw bail, on investigation sure enough a goose nest with beautiful goose eggs all carefully hidden! Following up the rear of her, 5 or 6 chickens with their skirts hoisted high all clucking like mad wanting to get to their favourite spots in the stable… rush hour at Ferme de l’Eglise!

While this is all going on I’m being head butted with strong persistence – Clarie Chops demanding her bottle

Clarie the Lamb being bottle fed ©Mike Forster

Once everyone is fed and watered we then can decide what we want to achieve for the day as a lot of work is weather dictated… my thoughts were to do boring stuff like tidy my desk and find all those dreaded bits and bobs that need filing and sorting, my desk has become a dumping ground with all that has been going on recently, so tackling it will be a marathon – I’m dreading it so keep finding excuses and more interesting things to do… today it was a weather warning!

Last night there was the most glorious sunset – the sky turned blood red quite sensational – Mike dashed out with his camera and rushed off down to the other end of the village where a row of trees has just been cut down, unfortunately it turned out not quite the direction he had hoped – but the result does show the flooded Marais all around our village.

Sunset over our Village 3rd March 2010 ©Mike Forster

The weather warning came via headlines in the local newspapers – that the residents along the coast are really fearful as the Spring Tides are expected to be exceptionally high plus the wind a gale force North Easterly expect flooding – the red zone from Port- en- Bessin to Barfleur in our area, we headed off to Utah Beach to check our house on the beach, could not believe my eyes, the waves were lashing the dunes, it’s normally a mile walk out to the sea! We decided our house would be fine, so drove on up the coast – it was so wild, big white horses on the sea and lashing over sea walls, in fact the road at Ravenoville was closed by the police as the waves were so big over the sea wall. We carried on round the coast aiming to get to Barfleur, (a beautiful fishing port where William the Conqueror set sail from). There where so many deviations along the coast road we had to go inland and then back out, but on a beautiful sunny day in Normandy countryside that’s no real hardship!

We went via St Vaast La Hougue – it was really dramatic there

Spring Tide St Vaast La Hougue Normandy ©Mike Forster

Then went further along the coast to Barfleur in time (the danger period was 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. before the tide turned) – of course muggins here was sent as the model on the harbour front & naturally got drenched!!

Barfleur harbour Spring Tides ©Mike Forster

So very wet and rather cold in that biting wind we headed back round the coast to find a sheltered spot to let the dogs have a run… too dangerous for them near the sea that’s for sure! Then as a treat we headed back to St Vaast for lunch – it’s our favourite spot along the coast here – it reminds us of Honfleur before it was discovered and also a UNESCO site – beautiful.

We got home around 3.30 as Clarie would no doubt be hungry … to find everybody quite happy and peaceful… bit windswept but all enjoying the sunshine!

Esme the Llama & Clarie the Lamb ©Mike Forster

So now it’s time to get everybody locked up for the night, gather the eggs (which involves almost getting in the haystack and no doubt getting some flea bites on the way – they live in the hay!!), bring in the wood for the fire, close the curtains and forget about the cluttered office until tomorrow!!


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2 responses to “Egg speed trials, wild seas and wet through!

  1. wow, a busy day. I think Claire and Esme make a great pair. Maybe Esme was destined to be Claire’s friend.

  2. I love looking at these photos! Thank you….

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