A cat like Beckham and St Patrick

St Patrick turned the stone to the warmer side –¬† yesterday, St Patrick’s Day… it was the most glorious warm Spring like day here and must have been in Ireland too as this pearl of wisdom came from my cousin Shelagh in Northern Ireland… this in actual fact is the best news for a long time because it means we should be having a beautiful summer!

I spent my St Patrick’s Day fiddling around in the garden and not really achieving a great deal, we have the builders here rebuilding the hanger that collapsed under the weight of the snow in January, they are doing a marvellous job but it still is disruptive to us. The timbers were delivered yesterday and caused a traffic jam in our village… well, one car was held up for about 10 minutes! The lorry with the crane to lift the wood had to put the stabilizers down so effectively blocked the road.

We have a very shy ginger cat that we call Freddy (Fred & Ginger…) he is the brother of Tommy Tucker

Madge and Tommy

Freddy checking out the war jeep

Freddy and Harriett checking out the Wilys Jeep

who is full on and never out the house, Tommy thinks he is at least a dog if not a human and gets more smacked bottoms (not hard you understand) than any creature I’ve ever had – an example of Tommy’s persistence¬† – I make a pot of tea, he’s on the counter watching, I get the milk out the fridge – he changes counter, I get jug out cupboard & put it down on the counter – he’s there, ” Tommy get down” I say, he will if I push him down, he’s down – I pour the milk into the jug, turn to put milk in the fridge, turn back to pick the jug up to take to the table for the tea… what do I find Tommy with his head in the jug lapping the milk… lightning fast and very very naughty… his shoulders move as if laughing when he’s been naughty! I can’t stay mad at him long.

Freddy though a different kettle of fish… only ever comes in if the weather is bad… the most effective weather forecaster I have ever seen in action – never wrong… if Freddy comes in batten down the hatches! Our first day back from England and Freddy comes in – stays on one of the armchairs in the everyday room – odd I think as the BBC and France Meteo are all forecasting good weather. Next morning he’s still there – I tiptoe around so not to frighten him but as soon as Mike & the dogs come downstairs he disappears… Oh well, I think I’ll see him outside. Later that evening he reappears – he’s been hiding under the fire place in the stone niche, that’s when we realize he’s limping, too late to get him the the vets. He has a really big meal and goes to ‘his’ place when he does come in which is behind a wicker basket I keep my onions in under a cupboard on a granite work surface, (he stayed there for almost a week during the big snow). Morning comes and he’s still there so a quick capture and he’s off the the vets (hasn’t been to the vet for 4 years!) it’s an injury very similar to David Beckham’s… our French vet who is so into rugby and football thought this injury highly entertaining … just hope England beats France this weekend!!!

Big anti inflammatory injection, meta calm and some special tempting cat food to entice him in everyday (present from the vet), after a couple of days he ventures out again. I saw him yesterday evening while feeding Clarie before locking everybody up…’ Hello Freddy’ I say, with that he turns looks at me and raises his sore paw!!!

I hate being away – we had to go to England for the Land Rover swap over and at the same time visited my parents to try and spoil them a bit, happily everyone here was fine when we got back, a lot of noses out of joint as their routines had been messed about – the dogs especially! It’s taken quite a bit of doing in getting everyone re-organised and all the eggs sorted out as for whatever reason the house sitter decided to leave all the eggs… I had marked the ones the sitting girls were allowed to keep with the instructions any unmarked eggs collect… so I’m afraid I’ve had a smashing time… can’t consume them if they’ve been sat on for a few days.

Clarie is doing really well, Esme is getting quite funny now and is very curious when I go up to feed everybody – she follows me into the granary to ‘help’ … but the best of it is Clarie is challenging Mr Willerby to play – if it happens again today I will get some photos as it is very funny… Clarie head buts the puppy, quite hard, the puppy rolls for a while and then when he’s had enough of that¬† starts play bowing and play biting and the two start charging around together – very interesting to watch!


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3 responses to “A cat like Beckham and St Patrick

  1. I am glad to hear all is well in Normandy!!

  2. Barbara

    Had been missing your posts. Enjoyed reading the blog and catching up on the “family”.

  3. God bless the animals! Always great to read your posts, Tansy.
    BTW, re-sent the note from Yan. Keep writing!!!!

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