Poodle Parlour & blood test

Rudi has had his spring cut… 1st day of Spring and he’s all spruced up!! Poor boy was getting terrible hot under his Bob Marley look a like get up… his coat was starting to get dreadlocks! He has Toilette 1st day Spring… always for 6th June week (his appointment is 2nd June this year) so he looks his best for all our American visitors especially Harry the veteran, possibly again end of August and dependent on weather his final cut of the year in November… but this year the weather closed in so he’s gone quite a time… looked like some little shaggy unwanted scruff!

Rudi before

Rudi being finished off in the poodle parlour

The funny part of it all was is this was the 1st time Mr Willerby the Jack Russell pup saw Rudi as a clipped poodle! As well as the new look there was the the smell of all the powders and skin lotions for his nose to get by. Willerby seems to spend a long part of the day tormenting Rudi and swinging from his ears, Rudi seems to actually like it – however we were concerned that without all that shaggy fur would the pup hurt him… if anything the game seems to be more controlled with Rudi more the boss! It was amusing to watch the double take by all 3 dogs when Rudi was reintroduced to them… Madge had a sneezing fit, whilst Monty challenged him, Willerby just though better ears to swing from! Dear Rudi just takes it all in his stride… he’s a great dog!

Mr Willerby had to have a blood test for his passport today, but because he is so small the vet had to give him a general. It was all a bit stressful as it really hit home how much this little creature has wormed his way into my heart and has the power to squeeze it hard!

Now we wait for the results (83€) if the anti bodies are high enough the countdown starts for his passport which will be issued in 6 months to the day of the blood test results…. then he and Madge can come to England with us if they want. We haven’t had passports done for Rudi & Monty as they are quite elderly dogs now, Monty is 16 we think (I found him at the side of the road with his teeth kicked in waiting to die 6 years ago)


and Rudi a millennium pup is now 10 – he also a rescue – I intervened with the old man that had him as the dog looked so dreadful – ‘vous voulez’ and the leash handed to me is how Rudi joined us! They have all their rabies injections up to date but as they only speak French we don’t think they want to go to England… as Madge is from Derbyshire and Willerby is Irish they’ll quite like visiting!

Monty we think may have been a gypsy dog. We have quite few camps in the area. The real Gypsies pass through here with their horse drawn caravans on the way to various horse markets to buy & sell the Norman Cobs they breed… these guys treat their animals well… but we think Monty came from the travelling trader side of things, white transit van pulling a Fendt with a trailer on the back for the dishwasher, washing machine & tumble drier… lets just plug into any power we can find attitude and leave a great pile of rubbish when we leave. We think he was tied up possibly under a caravan or in a kennel, offered food and the kicked when he took the food. It’s taken almost 6 years for him to take anything from our hand and then he is still hesitant. Every evening we have a routine, ham time. A slice of ham is shared out between the 4 dogs (Tommy the cat joins in too now!), we put any medication that is needed into this treat plus gradually Monty is getting confident enough to take a treat… only takes 2 minutes for him to pluck the courage up now… he used to retreat under the table and hide – if you tried to get him out he’d bite – we have moved on big time as he used to hide under the table at meal time and amuse himself by biting unsuspecting visitors feet… unfortunately he did it once to Jean-Louis and bit through his 200€ kid leather Italian moccasins – he was not amused!

We live opposite the church (built in 1743) the bell tower is almost level with our bedroom,probably 50 meters away) if anything goes wrong with the bells I am the 1st to the Mayor to report them… they are a way of life now – a rhythm in our day, Easter they fall silent I can’t wait for them to start up again. They’ve just struck 7 a.m. d’angelis  so time for me to get on with waking the household up, making up Claries’ bottle, letting everyone out and feeding everybody… now takes me an hour in the morning and the same in the evening – plus a midday feed for Clarie – I’ll be glad when she’s weaned! We’re only half way through as well!!

To show how close we are the the church – here are some photos – the 1st one actually of this village being liberated 8th June 1944 our bedroom window is the very small window set back slightly – the tree opposite is the yew tree in front of the church door

All photos I use in this blog are by my husband Mike Forster unless otherwise mentioned… so really this is a joint blog! The original war photo is held in Caen museum.

liberation of Houesville June 8th 1944

60th anniversary Liberation of Houesville

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