Llamas together at last and fox attacks…

The big day arrived yesterday, Esme was allowed into Fernando’s field. For the past week I have let Esme into the other big field with the goats so she and Fernando could touch noses, (in fact Fernando could get half his body through the rails and nuzzle her neck), so with it 6 weeks to the day since the big boy had his snip we opened the gates… as you can see we had a little bit of chase me chase me for a while – we did have to separate them again as it all got a little shall we say raunchy! But today when we let her in again they sort of said hello and when I went up to check a few hours later they were at opposite ends of the field with their backs turned!! We must have taken away the mystique now they are together!! Tonight will be the first night in the field together so should be interesting to see where they are at dawn.

Llama's meeting

©Mike Forster Meeting up!

closest they've been

© Mike Forster just a thin line!

electric fence coming down

©Mike Forster Taking down the electric fence

taking down the divider

© Mike Forster taking down the electric fence... with help!

merry dance

© Mike Forster you can't catch me!

galloping Llamas

©Mike Forster galloping Llamas

So whilst all of this hankey pankey is going on Clarie Chops the lamb is still on her bottle – fat as a barrel and confused as to whether she is a goat, a Llama (albeit a small one) a dog or perhaps even a chicken… she is very funny and looks to play with the dogs, unfortunately she doesn’t realise her size or strength … poor Rudi the poodle got butted and was tossed into the air… he is a baby so we did all know about it for ages after-wards! Mr Willerby though just takes it in his stride!

Lamb & poodle

© Lamb & poodle

lamb bullies poodle!

©Mike Forster Lamb head butts poodle

Jack Russell & Lamb

© Jack & Lamb playing

The week has been a bit of a disappointing one in the chicken department – my eggs are not selling so I have a glut of them, for some unknown reason I’m losing loads of chicks… I had 4 mummy hens insisting on sitting on the same eggs and arguing over them, (2 muscled in after 2 had been sat for 15/16 days) then chicks started to hatch under the wrong hen – the new comers timing programmes were for a further 20 days to sit so I got squashed dead chicks and then when 2 did eventually get down with 5 live chicks they have managed to lose 2 – so at last count down to 3 there. I had another Mummy hen who had 5 chicks – she lost 4 and had just the one following her round – grew into a pullet, was quite a handsome black bird with feathers on the legs and was just becoming ready to be independent, only went & fell into a bucket of water – I found it drowned – same morning I went up to the Llama shelter where there was a mummy hen with 3 quite sizeable chicks – all I found was a bundle of feathers… the Llama is sleeping out in the field so the fox came and helped him/herself… plus a couple of other piles of feathers this week – the fox is coming during the day as well… so this week I think I have lost 4 pullets, 5 or 6 chicks and 3 really very good silkie girls… it sometimes makes one feel quite despondent when you have a run like this

Goosey Goose is very bad tempered at the moment and her feathers look quite spaced out… I think she is about to go into full moult – she’ll stop laying and then the garden starts to look as if someone has gone completely mad with pillow fights every night for the next 4 or 5 weeks!

We’ve a wicked cold East wind at the moment … I’m hoping that this means the weather pattern will follow the very good summers we have had in the past… when the wind stopped in May one year we had the best summer ever… can only be positive!

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