cute little lamb?… more like a full on battering ram!

Claries a cute little lamb? No sorry folks she’s now a full on battering ram…she’s actually quite powerful and also wilful! It’s going to be a challenge to keep her, I’m wondering if I need to find another to keep her company and maybe her desire to be with us and especially Mr Willerby may subside a bit… I’m getting slightly fearful that with her head butting games she plays with the pup she may indeed hurt him one time. Certainly she has the strength to hurt me when she wants her bottle!

Yes, you read it right, when she wants her bottle!… she’s not weaned yet either… I’m making it longer and longer for her feeds and have got it down to 2 … may even try 1 today but haven’t worked out which feed to cut yet – night or morning.

The Llamas are doing really well now – calm is in field and I actually think they are enjoying each others company now.. it is a lovely sight to see the 2 of them grazing almost side by side! I have also out of the corner of my eye spotted some flashes of galloping Llamas so I think they are actually playing too now.

We’ve been let down on the 2 donkeys e were going to take on… it all got terribly complicated plus as they are Sicilian donkeys that don’t like the rain… don’t ask why are they in Normandy then?!!! Anyway long story short we’re not having them which in a way is a relief – we are now looking for a Cotentin (local breed) and I thought a pregnant Jenny would be a good idea that way she wouldn’t be interested in Stavros in the field next door who is intact and she’s have company when her foal is born… so that is my latest mission!

The reason we want to get a couple of donkeys is that the Llamas can be rather aloof, they don’t always let strangers pet them, whereas the donkeys do…our guests we have discovered actually come here for 2 reasons, either because we allow dogs so they can bring theirs OR they like to fuss our tribe…

We had a delightful Dutch couple stay with us recently – the 2 Jack Russell’s kept disappearing, we knew that they always give a huge greeting to folk when they return back from a day’s sightseeing, however it wasn’t until I received this picture yesterday did I realize the full extent of our Jack’s determination to share holidays!!

Jack Russells with our guests in the cottage

Yesterday whilst on the phone I heard Madge almost howling – when I looked out the window she was at the cottage door demanding to be let in… sure enough the door opened and in she went! Our American visitors had only been back 3 minutes!! We do also have guests from time to time that are not interested – funny the dogs don’t bother them… hang around us instead almost like having bored teenagers in the house…’I’m booorrred’!

We also had a mounted policewoman stay with us recently, I rang my friend Fanny in the village who’s Father in Law owns the Chateau in our village which is a Haras, they have 75 mares in this village with 35 foals due to be born and 8 stallions doing the business – with help from Fanny’s husband!! We were treated to a trip round the Haras met the breeding mares and the stallions even saw a ‘echographie’ (this is a case of an English word has left me, remembered… ultra sound!!), of a foal in a womb… even though Fanny & I are friends and see each other every week I hadn’t quite grasped the size of the Haras less than a 10 minute walk from us! It is a lesson to me you never really know what is on your doorstep!!


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2 responses to “cute little lamb?… more like a full on battering ram!

  1. wow, your farm keeps expanding. Did you manage to eat the pigs ?

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