international art model!

One of our roosters is an international art model… how cool is that! I didn’t know anything at all about it until this email arrived


I thought you might be interested in knowing that at least one of your roosters is now an international art model. We liked how colorful they were, so took some photographs. An artist friend of Jessi’s, Ray-Mel Cornelius, specializes in, among other things, roosters. Here’s a link to some of his rooster paintings.

and a couple more

Knowing that Ray-Mel likes to paint roosters we sent him some photos of yours. Here’s the result. This one Ray-Mel named Eli.

There may be more in the future. If he does another, we’ll let you know.

Thanks again for the wonderful stay.

Jim and Jessi

Then when I opened up Face book I find some photos of Jenny Cote – her book is published that Clarie our lamb has a starring role in… all of a sudden I am surrounded with internationally recognized creatures!!

The Llamas have settled in so well and with the 2 sheep make a wonderful foursome… they are always together, every morning down at the gate of the paddock patiently waiting for us to open our bedroom curtains, it’s rather endearing and reassuring that they are there every morning.

Our season is starting to draw to a close, to be honest will be glad when we’ve closed up for a while and get some down time… this time of year starts to be hard as we are tired now, when something goes wrong it’s almost through gritted teeth that we attend to the problem – stupid things like a leaking shower head and a DVD player not working.. why couldn’t they hold out just for another 3 weeks or so?! Irrational I know, but after 6 months with 1 more month to go we’re ready to close the curtains at night, the nights are drawing in very quickly now – (locking everybody up at night now is not far off 7.30 p.m. only seems 5 minutes ago it was almost 11 p.m.) –  light the fire and watch lots and lots of TV, my hands are itching to get my knitting out too… so this next few weeks we’re going to push ourselves to get all the yucky jobs out the way like the accounts and office all straightened out, to then feel relaxed and enjoy our tower project.

Yes, the tower… looks like we have permission, we’re just waiting for the actual letter to arrive – we’ve been told verbally and the Mayor has given us some stone for it , but until the certificate is here we don’t start the foundations… however the stone mason is here today with his son dressing stone in readiness… it really is a big thrill to be building such a statement!

I feel that this winter is going to be another hard one – the hedgerows are weighed down with berries and fruit – our pear trees are full of fruit too – if the snow comes again at least the barn has been rebuilt and all the other roofs on the animal shelters are reinforced too,

so for me another adventure of big time snow would be quite the thing, (still a child at heart you see!)


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2 responses to “international art model!

  1. I love the photos of all your animals. Good luck with the towerxx

  2. Jessi King Trudeau

    A tower? Wow! How cool is that! The place is evolving into quite the estate! We’ll definitely have to plan on another visit when it’s completed.

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