UNESCO and Sheep Shearing!

I haven’t had the time to get to do a blog for a while – quite a lot has happened since I last visited here!

Mr Willerby my incredible Jack Russell (The Irish pocket Jack) managed to have his evil way with Urenee on Utah Beach – the result 4 fabulous little Jacks – Urenee is a Jack Russell belonging to me dear friend who lives opposite our rental house at Utah Beach…the puppies were born in Paris so I didn’t get to see them until they were 5 weeks old…of course we ended up keeping one! So we now have FIVE dogs – Grace O’Malley our latest addition is a great little dog – she’s teething at the moment so we seem to be in a sea of chewed twigs, cardboard and other things that take her fancy… whicker baskets especially

Our cats are bigger than the dogs!Mr Wibbs & Grace put on a floor showGrace O'Malley

at the moment!

The name Grace O’Malley came about as I wanted to give a nod to the fact that Grace is half Irish and conceived on a beach… Grace O’Malley was a 15th Century female Irish Pirate !

Talking about Utah Beach we’ve just found out that the whole area is being designated as an area of immense importance for conservation etc. and possible being made into a UNESCO site…now I think this is wonderful news. Basically how it will affect everyone is that there will be no development in the area – if you want to change the colour of your house even, you have to apply to the architect du France. It will also apply to trees & plantation – only plant things in keeping with the area…hopefully that will mean some monster pine trees near us will HAVE to come down …hurrah!

But a few local folk don’t like change so it’s descended into quite a few public meetings… so we’re waiting to hear the outcome.

This is something I found how they choose a site http://www.france24.com/en/20100804-35-unesco-world-heritage-sites-france

For the past 4 months or so we have been incredibly busy here at Ferme de l’Eglise – however we had a little break –  this morning the 1st morning with no early start for comings or goings…I said to Mike last night that as I did everything yesterday, all the ironing and everything is ready, I would do a rare unheard of thing – have a lie in… he laughed – won’t happen he said…he was right!

The 1st part of plan worked – went out to let the chickens out and feed everybody in my PJ’s with the idea come back in,

make a cup of tea and head back upstairs… to my horror the sheep shearer was half way through the flock in the field next door… he comes to us to do our 2 after he’s done the others…so had to round Larry & Harry up shut them in the shelter (all of this in my PJ’s with them watching!) rush back in and get suitably dressed in sheep shearing gear!

Before!the indignity of it all!are you sure you're who you say you are?checking each other out!

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  1. Love these photos!!!

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