Jessica & Tansy

And so here we are…even more join us …2 Alpacas, 2 turkeys & another Jack Russell!

The Alpacas came with their names, 10 years old and of no commercial value as they have been barren the last few years… I like to think we’ve given them another 10 – 15 years! It’s been a very interesting experience settling them in with the Llamas…Fernando the castrated male took to strutting his stuff with Tansy and chased her around quite a bit, catching her & going through the motions, then he hurt his leg so the vet had to be called out, then the pathetic circle round him of the 2 sheep, 2 Alpacas & the other Llama…as soon as he was up again and he started being amorous towards Tansy again Esmeralda the female Llama stepped in and looks as if somewhat of a domestic took place as he was confined to the top part of the field while the 3 girls took up residence in the newly extended shelter, which is slightly higher spec than just a shelter! He is allowed down into the girlie group on their terms…but a hoof out of place he’s sent up the top of the field in no uncertain terms! It is very funny to watch, but I am starting to feel sorry for old the boy now as he is being hen pecked…maybe we should introduced Esme to a suitable suitor and let her concentrate on that…



Jessica & Tansy

Jessica & Tansy

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April 17, 2012 · 6:57 pm

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