To Harriett – our precious Lilac Burmese

Harriett off to war with Freedie the red thinking he may join in!

Harriett off to war with Freedie the red thinking he may join in!

It’s been so long since I last ‘blogged’ – we lost a baby Alpaca last June – 6 weeks old and it knocked the stuffing out of me…then yesterday our precious almost 20 year old Burmese cat was killed by a dog visiting us…now, that has really knocked me for 6.

What started out as a glorious, let’s have lunch in the sunshine ended in drama, tears and heartbreak…for those families who’s son’s, husbands, lovers, brothers that got into the vehicle in Afghanistan as a normal days work, a split second changed their lives too…my thoughts are with them.

Wool in my mouth, churning stomach and bad bowels is where I am, blinding headache and a tear every now & then just sliding down my cheek without any warning.

How this could have happened to Harriett is still beyond my understanding…I’m past the shock, I think I’m half way through the grief stage as I felt a flicker of anger earlier.

My little magic circle of oldies has been broken, a Lilac Burmese almost 20, a little rescue dog over 20 plus our poodle cross 14 …our vet laughs at me and says I came to you for advice for the nursing of old animals…for Harry to be killed in her own home by a visiting dog is so terribly unacceptable and difficult to come to terms with…but it was her home – I should have locked her away, but she wanted to be with the party, a cat incredibly in control and understood dogs…after all she lived with 5 and was the boss…all she did was walk past and the big dog lunged…took his master over, broke a chair, glasses etc. and that was it.

I’m hoping by writing this and seeing it in black & white it will slow the flashbacks…in the meantime we will bury her this afternoon and no doubt I will cry some more…


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2 responses to “To Harriett – our precious Lilac Burmese

  1. You have my sympathies, we have suffered in a similar way and it is awful.

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