Remembering why we are here…day 2

Angoville au Plain window

Angoville au Plain window

sam 22 (1 of 1)The next day we are due to visit another Mayor…this time the Mayor of Angoville au Plain which is just 2 miles up the road from us & where we have field. 56 inhabitants here, that’s all, but the church was used a field hospital June 6th with 80 wounded soldiers & 1 local child…the blood stains are still visible on the pews to this day, also shell damage inside the church, along with a great story of 2 German snipers up in the tower with no ammunition, no one was aware of them whilst the church became a hospital, eventually came down the spiral stairs, opened the door with their hands up.

This Mayor single handed has raised almost 42,000€ to repair the bell tower which is really in great need of repair, plus beautiful stained glass windows already installed, but he is now 8,000€ short to be able to get the contract in place to save the church…so guess who will be fund raising soon!

The really sad part of all of this is that the doors are left open for folk to visit& now statues etc. are being stolen…why are the generations so very different now?

After we left the church we went on a great trip around looking for the 1st foxhole Sam dug around Pouppeville 2 or 3 kms from Utah Beach- regrettably we didn’t find it! But his memory is so strong…he tells us when a house/field/whatever has been changed and he hasn’t been here for 69 years!!


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One response to “Remembering why we are here…day 2

  1. John Green

    Tansy, just picked up your blog on Angoville, BUT can not find link to the previous one’s.

    Just back in UK from Colombieres.

    Will miss the D-Day anniversary this time, sadly.

    What do you think will happen next year. They did say the last big one was it, but I think this chunk of history seems to be gathering momentum, not fading away.


    John G Sunny Wolverhampton (JOKE).

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