The harsh reality…we start all being well 1st April

If all goes according to plan, Le Jour du Poisson is the day we commence…1st April. I keep reminding myself I’m 59 & three quarters, it’s OK I have the energy!! But hey what would we do instead? I know I’d sit and knit watching daytime TV, with our current rentals and this new project, I have the best of everything, even more wonderful guests that enrich our lives, plus bring the world through to us without having to leave our fur family…which is rather large now! (Last count 8 cats, 4 dogs, 2 llamas, 3 Alpacas, 1 pig, 2 goats, 2 sheep, 20 or so chickens and Goosie Goose)…

19444 6th JuneImage



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5 responses to “The harsh reality…we start all being well 1st April

  1. Claire Straight

    Love the location, the history, the view from the bedroom and the potential! It is going to be gorgeous!

  2. John Vosmek

    But animals, will there be animals?
    – from noted American wall-climber

  3. You’re nuts!! Lol! Love the wallpaper, and the French do have some fab wallpaper don’t they in these old properties. Looking forward to the end result, it’ll be wonderful Tansy!

  4. It will all be worth the hard work.

    Keep thinking of a lovely bottle of wine and a big steak – or are you a vegetarian – can’t remember.

    John & Deb

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