my 1st slight disappointment

The roof over the kitchen is pressed asbestos so naturally we want to replace it…the outer walls are load bearing and in good nick but the windows are completely rotten…I had the idea to replace the roof with a total glass roof and just replace the windows…been told today the span is too large for glass and it’s just not possible to make the kitchen into a conservatory…so the next idea is replace the roof and put in 2 really big velux’s , obviously replace the rotten windows…but it should give me a bit more budget for the design of the kitchen – I’m looking at putting an island in and getting rid of the door between to dining room and kitchen…lots of light is the top priority for this kitchen as it will lift the whole ground floor…just hope Mns Mayor approves without having to go through masses of planning permission! We won’t be changing anything else exterior wise except tidying it all up and doing a make over in the garden!

The old shelves/armoire will clean up beautifully in the dining room.

So apart from asbestos we’ve also got lead paint and another horror from the ‘old’ days ! Protective suits and masks will be needed on site from time to time!Image

at ImageImage

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