What a difference a week makes…


So here we are a week on…all I know is everyone is totally knackered! Mike has had to go this afternoon for a lie down and I was close to tripping him up on the stairs to get there 1st!!  

The atmosphere on ‘site’ is fabulous, the macon otherwise known as the chef is 60+, Mike is 60+, the other helper is almost 60…then the various sons’ come into to give the old ‘gits’ a boost! As long as I am on time with the food, coffee & wine we’ve a happy team! Everything stops at 12.30 for at least an hour…but just look what has been achieved in just 4 days! (We are a 4 day week…that is set in concrete!!).

Remember those rooms upstairs? – 1 blue room – wall has come down to reveal the most glorious double aspect, this will be the master bedroom at the front of the house with views across to the church …we are very excited about this.




Remember this room with all the wallpaper hanging off in all directions…all plaster boarded out with masses of insulation… When the old stuff was taken off this fabulous stone wall was discovered…looks like 180 years ago the house was extended and this is the original outer wall…behind the different wallpapers we are finding old newspapers but frustratingly we can’t find a date!

Water and electric are now on, the ‘sparks’ is really cracking on, we’re off on Monday to choose shower, loos, kitchen, taps, collect more plasterboard and other ‘stuff’…will we or won’t we be ready for 6th June…it’s so tempting but I’m still not advertising…yet!



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