The unveiling…

And here we are 4 months after starting our project it’s FINISHED!!!

Back at the end of June Mike decided I should start marketing without any photos with availability from 1st August…not shying from a challenge I went for it using our other properties as a touch stone and a follow up telephone call to reassure folk we were not talking nonsense! Our 1st guests arrived on the 2nd for 1 week…apart from sewing curtains until 11.30 pm the night before we were pretty well on track.

Our date to be able to say finished for fixtures and fittings was agreed as 30th July for us to stay and try the house out…thus the reason for late night curtain making – street light actually attached to our house between the bedroom windows…we never noticed it until we went to bed (the bed a super kingsize & possibly the most comfortable bed I’ve ever slept on),turned out the light and then asked Mike to turn his light out as it was light enough still to read…a dash up to Cherbourg the next morning to buy blackout material…but for one reason or another I bought 5 meters forgetting there were 2 windows – I needed 10 meters – so a 2nd trip was needed!!!!!!

So here we go – I’ll try to line up the before’s & afters!! The main bedroom started as 2 rooms.

St Marie du Mont 15 (1 of 1)

St Marie du Mont 14 (1 of 1)

main double bedroom

main double bedroom half way

bedroom armoire

bedroom space

armoire bedroom

The bedroom at the back was in a dreadful state, broken windows, holes in ceiling and water penetration destroying all the plaster


St Marie du Mont 12 (1 of 1)


The bathroom was a kitchen…holes in ceiling.

St Marie du Mont 13 (1 of 1)

shower 1

shower2double sink


Kitchen – oh dear, basically falling down! New roof, walls etc.

St Marie du Mont 17 (1 of 1)



St Marie du Mont 11 (1 of 1)


lounge 3lounge 2

St Marie du Mont 16 (1 of 1)


St Marie du Mont 18 (1 of 1)


unveiling BoB House  More pictures here

I’ve embroidered all the towels, put in as many little thoughtful things folk would enjoy – I just hope everyone that comes to stay with us enjoys the house as much as we really did renovating it!


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9 responses to “The unveiling…

  1. Tony Griffiths

    Looks FABULOUS Tansy. Good job!

  2. So lovely – what a great job you did.

  3. Wil & Amanda

    Love the tiles, how did you clean them up? I was going to tile over ours in the utility room but if I can get them looking that good I don’t think I’ll bother! well done both of you, might ask your advice on our winter project……

    • The floor is original, basically we were left with beams, floors & some of the walls! We had to take down a lot of plaster because of damp penetration, in doing that we discovered that the insulation in the house was sea shells about 6″ deep with mud as the plaster on top! Needless to say it was a very dirty job…the whole house has been completely dry lined,re wired, new plumbing…the only wall tiles we kept were bright orange in what is now our utility room, (was a bathroom),we painted white with tile paint from Wickes in UK…has come up really well! The floor we steam cleaned 2 or 3 times – I wanted to keep it as it too will be an antique – it’s now almost 70 years old, these are the floors laid just after the war with the grants to people that had war damage, in the 1970’s when there was another batch of grants from the EU a huge amount of these floors were lifted or covered.

  4. Keltie

    Tansy, it’s gorgeous, what a transformation! I love the drawing of Wild Bill in the entryway–I spent an afternoon with him last year, what a treasure of a man! Maybe I’ll come back with friends and rent this property!!!

    • all the photos & pictures we have displayed are with signatures of the ‘band of brothers’ plus a few more artefacts we are still working out the best way to display them.

  5. Ruediger Beermann

    Dear Tansy and Mike, congratulations. Wished I could rent it but we see in your calendars that your are doing a terrific job. Any chance to come back once in Summer? Just wanted to let you know that we are with a doggy again. Greta, a Hovawarth again, would love to see your paradises once.
    All the best:
    Rüdiger&Andrea from Baden-Baden, Germany

    • we would be thrilled to see you here again…a new doggie…oh la la!Lets us know when you are coming! The cottage is already booked for next summer but the others so far not so heavily booked!

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