Final tweaks & history

bob house  new pics 11 (1 of 1)We’re now 6 weeks of renting out the Band of Brothers House – each time we go up to visit another little tweak is done…Mike has done a great job on the wall in the hallway with researching & collecting photos, maps and paintings all related to that day 6th June and the village in 1944.

the hallway

the hallway

The most interesting that we have been told is this story : quite staggering it happened in this garden of ours & makes me think how fragile it all is…

Sometime in the early hours of the 6th June 1944 , in one of the gardens of the row of the houses you are in, this event took place. A wounded 101st Airborne paratrooper was alone in one of the gardens when a group of German soldiers who were fighting at the rear of the properties came across him and  decided to take him with them as a prisoner.  He was dragged from garden to garden, was  thrown over  walls as they were trying to defend themselves from other American paratroopers. At some point they decided that the prisoner was not worth the effort and that they could escape quicker without him. They decided to shoot him. He was already sitting against a wall as the two Germans stood in front of him. He looked at them and knew what their intentions were. He closed his eyes and prayed. He heard them cock their weapons, the next thing he heard was the sound of a Thompson machine gun being fired . When he opened his eyes the two Germans were lying dead on the ground . A paratrooper from the 101st had jumped over the wall and shot the Germans . He kept on his way fighting through the gardens. The injured paratrooper could not believe his luck . He never found out who it was that had saved his life. He was found by Medics , taken to Utah Beach and shipped back to England for medical care and survived his wounds.

It certainly makes you think how close conflict can be…as it is… in our back yard all those years ago


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2 responses to “Final tweaks & history

  1. Jan Brown

    Tansy….The story not only gave me chills, but as I visualized the event in my mind….tears came to my eyes. I’m sure there are many other amazing events that took place on the sacred property of yours!

  2. yes very true, some of the happenings around Sainte Marie du Mont are truly amazing, sad, funny, bitter, heroic…living here we hear something new quite often, but I think some of it maybe because the last of the WW2 veterans are making their last pilgrimages plus are determined to tell their story…

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