pets and heartache



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Jessica & Mini Mike, we lost him when he was 6 weeks old…that was very hard, a baby


Maisy was 9 when she died.

Today my brother had to take the incredibly difficult decision to let his delightful Airedale Terrier cross over the Rainbow Bridge. Only 7 years old, Mavis had a big inoperable tumour in her bowels but her suffering was becoming intolerable…such a shame as she was one of those dogs as if she was on 4 pogo sticks and just had an incredible lust for life…got me reminiscing about some of the fur family we have lost over the years and about some of the creatures that our friends & neighbours have had that have touched our lives over the years…then I started to think about friends that have sick pets and are going through the mill with cancer treatments for their dogs, fortunately my cousin who had a sick Beagle has had the all clear, but Jenny in America has another 10 weeks of treatment for her Max to get through.

Some folk look at cats & dogs as just that – a cat or a dog, and then there are the folk like me who’s life is totally dominated up by the little fur darlings!

Christmas presents for the dogs, Christmas stockings for the cats…I cook chicken for the dogs every day, the 8 cats have a running buffet all day – Mike calls it the all day diner for cats…whiskas on tap!

Jack Russell’s are our preferred dog, for many reasons to include as someone described ‘they are the Spitfire pilot or the dog world’ never a truer description, they don’t know fear, they don’t know that they are small, they don’t get that the world doesn’t spin round them! 2 of our 3, a father & daughter couple are complete characters , anyone comes to the house they jump on the table so they have better eye contact and can show off better, Madge the 3rd is a complete ball/stick girl and lives to entertain our guests here! The only way we think this habit of getting up on the table was invented was them watching the cats and as the cats are bigger than them, they don’t get that they are not allowed on the table, so I’m afraid anyone coming to our house please don’t be shocked if you see a Jack Russell on our table singing God Save The Queen…yep, you’ve read right…Mr W’s party piece! Our Mayor even bought some people round the other day to witness this spectacle! Mr W is even on YouTube singing Happy Birthday…(we must do a new one of him doing God Save The Queen as he is much better at that one!).

Every night on Facebook I see all the photos of poor dejected creatures in high kill shelters and every night I am saddened and feel so helpless, I also feel at times how unfair it is when you have a much loved dog or cat and you lose it at a ridiculously young age through accident or illness when these others are thrown out and abandoned by heartless non caring people .

Well, I have come to the conclusion I wouldn’t have it any other way, I’ll continue risking my heart being broken or bruised by my fur persons…I’d much rather have nutty Jack’s on the table, 8 rescue cats mistreating my furniture and keeping the all day diner in business, than live in a sterile clean house without muddy paw prints, or a little paw patting my face very early in the morning trying to get me up, but most of all I just love the way they all think we’re the bees knees, they never judge and they are always pleased to see you…and no I don’t believe it is just cupboard love!

So for all of you that have lost a dearly loved pet, I fully understand your grief, they are part of the family and in many respects the loss of a pet can be equally, sometimes be even harder as the fur family members are with you 24/7.

We lost Johnnie Johnson 6 years ago aged 8 it’s only now can I mention him…so as my little epitaph to my dearly loved & missed pets some photos of past & present and for those with heartache and pain it can only get easier…


col.7 (1 of 1)

Madge photo bombing The Colonels visit! Always wants to entertain & please, she is still with us!


Harriett on Harry was 19 when she went


JJ at the window upstairs


Bertie, hit by a car


Monty, was 22 when his heart failed, found him abandonded at the side of the road when he was at least 11


November 3, 2014 · 8:59 pm

2 responses to “pets and heartache

  1. My condolences to your brother from a fellow Airedale Addict. They never live long enough, but it is heartbreaking to lose them so soon.

    >>It came to me that every time I lose a dog they take a piece of my heart with them, and every new dog who comes into my life gifts me with a piece of their heart. If I live long enough all the components of my heart will be dog, and I will become as generous and loving as they are.<< – Author Unknown

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